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Success in Internet business relies on effective presentation. A static image is not enough anymore. Virtual, photorealistic and interactive 3D presentations represent a new way of product presentation. Thus the customer has available a realistic and detailed image. The resulting impression is similar, to holding the product in hand - it can be viewed from all sides and zoomed to any detail. This new and affordable technology provides a competitive advantage to all, who offer their products through the Internet.

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The FSI Viewer Flash application dynamically retrieves the high resolution details needed from the image, located in the eRez Image Server, so it is possible...


FSI Pages extension enables the viewers of FSI Viewer to display a set of images in high resolution as a virtual catalogue. Realistic animation during page...


System of photographic machines for automatic creation of 3D presentations for web pages.   A special robot photographs the object from predefined...

Robotic Table in a Packet

To simplify configuration of accessories the robotic table is now offered as a complete package, including lasers, backgrounds, shielding plates and other tools for an easy start to production of 3D presentations. More in the accessories overview.

Counter light photography set

Set designed for 3D photography of bottles and other objects, requiring counter-lighting for ideal results. Contains the necessary shielding plates, acrylate plate and other elements for a trouble-free result.

Studio Lights

In cooperation with a traditional manufacturer of studio lights, the FOMEI Company, we offer flash units for competitive prices, optimised for particular robotic workplaces.


Hot-air Balloon Model

Resolution: 3,328 px × 3,328 px
Number of Images: 24
Number of Scenes: 1

Hot-air Balloon Model

Vacuum Cleaner

Resolution: 3,328 px × 4,992 px
Number of Images: 12
Number of Scenes: 2

Vacuum Cleaner

Paper Lotus

Resolution: 3,328 px × 3,328 px
Number of Images: 12
Number of Scenes: 4

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